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A Coon Being Protected by White Supremacist

David Muhammad
David Muhammad
07 Jul 2019

A Black Sell-Out, Jigga-Boo, Butter Biscuit Eating, Buck Dancing Coon, talking shit. Take note on how the White Satanic Race crowds around him to listen, Notice How The Old Satanic White Demon Woman comes To defend and Protect Him.

I love the History on the 1804 Haitian Revolution! I love it because it shows what Black People must do to kill the Slave Masters and one of the first things that were done was that we MURDERED ALL COONS, TRADERS, and SCARED TO DEATH NEGRO'S that was not willing to do what it took to kill their crakkkuh masters...

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cx_773_ 6 months ago

Oh Lord...

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!
Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!! 6 months ago

(LitaMichelle) Mayo's standing around taking pics of this dumbass, Why do black people like this, think that these politicians give a damn about them????

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Magenta 6 months ago

Can black people be more stupid?

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

And Soon his REAL nigger wake up call WILL be handed to him. Then and ONLY then I will laugh. Fuck this nigga and the flabby anus he fell from.

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lazmor 6 months ago

where does this ignorant mf live ? why isn't his mfkn ass kicked the fuck out of wherever his nigga ass resides. Oh thats right. this bastard sleeps under the porch of his white masters, and only comes out to say dumb shit like this when they need him. please someone make this coon a floater

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