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Busted: Dude Hands His Girlfriend Dna Test Results On Their Child’s Birthday.

Above All That Drama

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What I cant say here IS said here: https://anchor.fm/rantintheblack

NOT for the silky smooth voiced Black American: https://wordpress.com/view/par....aphernaliapalace.blo

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Dangerous Television

Why kick her out right away? She'll be onna can of ackright for at least two months.

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commonman80 1 year ago

I'm Going To Hip The Young Brothers To Something.. Back In The Day, Before DNA Testing? All Women Were Told To Do Was "Just Pick One Of The Men You Had Sex With, And Say He's The Child's Father.".. There Was NO WAY HE COULD PROVE HE WASN'T.. So? Many A Men Have Cared For The Offspring Of Children Of Other Men... Some Women (Especially Black Women.) Still Thinks That Works Today.. But Because Of DNA Testing And The Need To Fight Diseases? PATERNITY MUST BE KNOWN... That's Why Married Or Not? ALWAYS GET A DNA TEST ON A NEW BORN CHILD BEFORE YOU SIGN A BIRTH CERTIFICATE.. "The Game" Has Changed.. Mother's Baby, Is Father's Maybe Move? Is No More... Jus Sayin.. Yep...

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