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Italy: New bridge inaugurated in Genoa two years after tragic collapse

Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama
04 Aug 2020

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An inauguration ceremony for a new bridge in Genoa took place on Monday, nearly two years after the old structure collapsed killing 43 people.

Attendees were seen gathering on the bridge designed by architect Renzo Piano, where Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte cut the ribbon. Planes flying over the bridge leaving a coloured trail depicting the Italian flag could also be spotted.

"If I have to tell the truth, when I arrived I got very excited, in particular, when I saw the 43 lights that came out in memory of the 43 victims. It was really touching for me. More than a ceremony, I think it was a commemoration. There were also natural, almost mystical, elements, such as a rainbow that at a certain point appeared across the bridge. It was raining, just like that day. It was very particular," shared one of the local residents.

Another resident highlighted that she was hoping for the bridge to be like a "rebirth" for Genoa, but also asked for "justice" for the families of the victims that lost their lives.

"The celebrations are fine, but it must be remembered that 43 innocent victims died under that bridge due to neglect and certainly not to a misfortune that happened by chance. Genoa asks for justice to be done," she said.

The new kilometre-long bridge over Polcevera River aims to restore a vital link between Italy and France and essential traffic to and from Genoa's port.

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