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Spectacular Procession Of Black Jesus Christ. What These Demons In America Aren't Telling Us.

17 Dec 2018

1. Wide shot of church and crowd
2. Medium shot of Black Nazarene in cart
3. Wide shot of Black Nazarene in cart surrounded by crowd
4. Medium shot of crowd scuffle for rope
5. Medium shot of crowd
6. Medium shot of crowd throwing towels to the Black Nazarene
7. Medium shot of crowd throwing towels
8. Close up shot of Black Nazarene
9. Top shot of crowd and Black Nazarene
10. Close up of man crawling on top of crowd
11. SOUNDBITE (Tagalog) Evelyn Sevilla Davis, Devotee:
"Before, my children were sickly, I prayed to Him and He granted it. The same with our lives, before we were not sufficient and now our life has become prosperous because of our faith in Him."
13. Wide shot of procession


Hundreds of thousands of barefoot devotees on Sunday inched their way through the capital of the Philippines for an annual procession honouring a centuries-old black statue of Jesus Christ.

More than two-thousand police - double last year's number - 14 ambulances, six fire trucks, bomb-sniffing dogs and hundreds of civilian volunteers were deployed along the route of the tumultuous procession.

The heightened security came after police said they had foiled an attempt by Islamic militants to bomb the festival, which honours the Black Nazarene, a wooden life-size statue brought from Mexico by Spaniards in 1606.

Devotees, many carrying small towels or handkerchiefs, squeezed their way to touch the statue or grab a piece of the rope used to pull the cart to ask special favours or give thanks for granted ones.

On Saturday, police filed charges of illegal possession of explosives and firearms against five men who allegedly planned to bomb the procession.

The chief of metropolitan Manila's Criminal Investigation and Detection Group said they were among 17 people detained on Thursday in a raid on an Islamic centre where homemade bombs and weapons were found.

He said the five allegedly belonged to a terrorist group called Hukbong Khalid Trinidad or Khalid Trinidad Army, part of the clandestine Rajah Solaiman Movement.

He said the group planned to set off bombs on Sunday during the feast in Manila's Quiapo district.

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Fedora 11 months ago

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TigerPaw1 11 months ago

They know who HE really is! However this is idol worship.. Call him by his REAL name Yahushua the true Black Hebrew Messiah.

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