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useless ass negro schools and teachers.mp4

25 Feb 2020

. FORGIVE MY LANGUAGE I don't give a fuck who don't like the narration on this video . I stick by it. Everybody involved esp at that school needs to be called out. quit blaming others when our own involve outside forces who we know . don't give a fuck. And as I said in the video. This same cop went to another school to arrest another 6yr old, and those people had the common mfkn sense and respect to intervene and say hell no. But these scared ass niggas sat there with their thumb up their asses and said nothing. kma. and all the grandmother and mother can do is what ? the same old scared ass nigga shit . put it on the news and on social media expecting results from the public instead of getting off their lazy mfkn asses checking on these schools and basically go kick these mfs ass and take names. But once again a single mother and grandmother , because I heard nothing about any man being involved. I guess he's nowhere to be found in this family. But you women keep laying with these useless ass niggas and when shit like this happen you have no man standing by you unless he's a rent a nigga preacher, neighborhood activist, or lawyer. kma. this is a shame for black people in amerika

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