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traffic stop when you're white, and most wanted.mp4

09 Dec 2019

This goes to reaffirm and confirm what black people already live , die , and know. This stop was for one of the most wanted in this state. Now notice how the cops don't approach the car with guns out, and how they are very cordial with this guy whom they know to be dangerous. But they figure he's not a threat, unlike how they approach black men or women and teens when they do these stops. They have their weapons damn near unholstered or have them drawn and are standing behind their car doors for a shield while they bark out orders to us like we are fucking criminals from AMW., And this is after they've run the plates and know we aren't a threat . But its their job to make us become one so they can shoot. But once again , look at the way this is handled, and what happens ? This guy drags their asses a 1/4 mile. And after all that , not a damn shot fired, and everybody went to the hospital for vehicular injuries. How many black people even get the chance to even get out of the vehicle before we are dragged out or shot, and thats a real surety if they are wanted . these bastards got what they deserved

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