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Racist tow truck driver told me to go get my Nigger husband
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Cardi B and her husband Offset drop $200k to buy up HALF A STREET in Atlanta


Cardi B and her husband Offset drop $200k to buy up HALF A STREET in Atlanta

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Cardi B and Offset have bought half a street in a suburb of Atlanta, potentially paving the way for them to build a new mega mansion – or to sink their earnings into property investing.

DailyMailTV can reveal that the rappers splashed out $201,840 for the five houses and a plot of land in a row on a leafy street in Jonesboro.

The pair also paid $48,080 for a plot of land a few streets away in the deal which went through in January, when they were supposed to be on a break.

But the developer from whom they bought the homes and land has no idea what their intentions with the properties are.

The same goes for the people who live in the properties who now pay rent to Cardi B and Offset without knowing whether they are to be moved out to make way for a mega mansion.

The couple have not responded to requests from DailyMailTV for comment.

Cardi B and Offset split late last year after he supposedly cheated on her and they only made up in February - yet this did not hold up the property deal.

The plots suggest that they could be planning to build a giant new home together.

An article for Rolling Stone last June talked about how they were 'buying a new home shortly, and building a dream house too'.

Speaking to GQ last April Cardi B said that she and Offset 'decided that we're going to build a house in Atlanta, and that's the house that we're gonna raise our kids in'.

Clayton County Property records show that Cardi B, 26, is listed as an 'additional buyer' under her real name, Belcalis Almánzar.

Offset, 27, who is part of the hip hop group Migos, is listed as the main buyer under his real name, Kiari Cephus.

One of the properties cost $57,696 and is not currently occupied - there is a lock box on the front door.

Next to it is another house which cost $48,000 followed by a plot of land which cost $9,600.

The other two houses are a bungalow which cost $38,464 and another home which cost $48,080

A man who lives in one of the houses said that all he knew was that his landlord had sold the site.

He said: 'We're not being asked to move out or anything. They just sold it. I'd like to say here, nobody wants to go through the hassle of moving house'.

The properties were sold by JMH Ventures, an Atlanta-based real estate company which specializes in foreclosures or homes where the owner has financial problems.

Jeff Dimock, the president of JMH Ventures, said that he only realized who the buyers were at closing.

He said: 'The closing attorney was familiar with their names and remarked upon it. I had not spoken to them and only dealt with their agents.

'I don't know for sure but could have bought this as an investment as it is in the suburban Atlanta area and areas like this are experiencing growth.'

Cardi B has splashed out on property before and in November last year she bought her mother her 'dream home', she wrote in a post on Instagram.

Yet the former stripper, who won a Grammy for Best Rap Album at the awards this year and has an estimated net worth of $8 million, appears not to have forgotten her roots growing up poor in The Bronx in New York and is being careful with her money.

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LeeMay 5 months ago

Time will tell, wait for it.

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Racist tow truck driver told me to go get my Nigger husband
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