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Caucasoids Savage Explains Why Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation. WTF!!!

David Muhammad
David Muhammad
24 Jun 2019

Summary of this video:

1. Pedophilia is an unchangeable SEXUAL ORIENTATION

2. Leaving out pedophilia as a sexual orientation will lead to a disaster.

3. Treat Pedophiles with the same respect you treat other people

They are using DECEPTIVE INTELLIGENCE to JUSTIFY their SAVAGE Troglodyte behavior.


The Satan (White People) is the white man there is no other way to describe this satanic race. They are totally fine with raping their own babies what in the hell do you think they will do to your deeply melanated behind and your children. I don't care what religion you are Family we have to unite against this demon first after we win then we can discuss all of our differences

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Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!!
Bad Bad Puddy Cat!!! 7 months ago

(LitaMichelle) Disgusting Mayo-Beasts

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Lions Of Israel
Lions Of Israel 7 months ago

these devils need to go

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