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????Armor King Wall Tech-Traps, Tricks, and Situational Combos✴

27 Dec 2019

I don't usually share tech-traps or sneaky tricks that I like to use in Tekken but these few for Armor King are hard to catch people with as well as some odd situational combos you never see players do or ever happen.
Understand that most all ????3D fighting game players???? really can't resist the urge to try to hit a back turned opponent or try to punish what looks like a dropped combo. I like to set-up those moments to gain the advantage.✌????????

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Tekken 7 is my GAME! PSN ID's are MBGGBM and Sherm-X69X and I am THE EATER OF NOOBS & NUBS!
????I also really like Soul Calibur VI ⚔, Street Fighter ????, & For Honor ????.
????I play for fun and the challenge to WIN!????

I also play demos and trial demos you can watch before you guy them because "A informed gamer is not just a great gamer but a wise one as well." - Sherm-X69X ????

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