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I break down JW Lucas's Twitter hate speech

01 Aug 2020

John Wesley Lucas better known as JWLucas had some foul things to say about Breonna Taylor's murder. I know that many have already called him out but I speak specifically on three Tweets that he put up.
Link to Twitter page:
Check out jw (@702jwlucas):
Link to Debate w/Tariq:
Link to Debate w/Rizza Islam:

Cashapp a brotha @ $OdimirStadard

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Kimathi100 2 months ago

Why are you ‘Dignifying’ this HonKKKY SCUM? This is what HonKKKys do? They MURDER Black people then try to THRASH the DEAD persons Name and Character! To DEFEND the BARBARIC WHITE SAVAGES who MURDERED Them! This JW LUCAS is a DIRTY STINKING HonKKKy Cxxx who is a METH Head, and a FAGGOT!
who SELLS his ASS and SUCKS DICK regularly! The BITCH is an ANIMAL!

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