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NAARC's 10 Point Plan For Reparations

27 Jan 2019

This video speaks on the NAARC'S 10 Point Plan for Reparations.
1. A Formal Apology and Establishment of a MAAFA/African Holocaust Institute
2. The Right of Repatriation and Creation of an African Knowledge Program
3. The Right to Land for Social and Economic Development
4. Funds for Cooperative Enterprises and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurial Development
5. Resources for the Health, Wellness and Healing of Black Families and Communities
6. Education for Community Development and Empowerment
7. Affordable Housing for Healthy Black Communities and Wealth Generation
8. Strengthening Black America’s Information and Communications Infrastructure
9. Preserving Black Sacred Sites and Monuments
10. Repairing the Damages of the “ Criminal Injustice System”

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NAARC Rolls Out Preliminary 10 Point Reparations Plan

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