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Yukmouth & Young Pharaoh IG LIVE....MUST SEE!!!

14 May 2020

Rap Sambos seem to come in DROVES Lately! We want to build/rebuild "AFRIKA" under RBG Pan Afrikan Rules, they want to simply "smoke a lot" loving our COLONIAL OPPRESSORS Amerikkkan Way! We speak powerful wise knowledge about purchasing arms using our trillion-dollar spending power, their rebuttal is goofy babble bout glorifying street niggruh lifestyle & freeing drug-dealing gangsters from prison! Rap Sambos do anything for a BUCK, Bunch of "BUCK DANCING, Jumping Jim Crow, SAMBOS!"

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TorrentBlaze 8 months ago

Good discussion

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$oloBoloRBG 8 months ago

yuk is a sambo though, on the low! last thing these goof balls want to do is leave the united snakes of oppression! sambos love massah!

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