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Prime Cuts: The White Arab Missing Link! (Ottoman Turks)

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
06 Mar 2021

THESE are the fez wearers and "black Youtube" ghetto historians falsely claim that the arabs castrated black men, but it was these TURKS who did that! When you tell them, they ignore you. It is either through ignorance of the Turks, or they are trying to spread propaganda for their masters!

Now watch after this, many of them will be forced (they ARE agents after all!) to start talking about the Turks after having ignored them since Youtube began! They don't study history or peoples - they study Free MASONRY, meaning - whatever their MASTER teaches them and no more! Turks are Free Masons too.

Hopefully you will stop falling for the con job of thinking that anyone NOT black is in arab, when the OPPOSITE is true! There is a reason that 'arabs' don't look alike! They control islam, in case you did not know. A guy like Saddam Hussein was no arab, he was a leftover Turk of the Mongol type, plus mixed with a little black.

Always remember - the Turks never had an exodus out of so-called arab countries!

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