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Dr Ivan Van Sertima Oblitorated the Columbus myth!! LACC/1986

27 May 2019

In Feb of 1986 at the invitation of the Black student union at Los Angeles city college, Dr Ivan Van Sertima delivered perhaps one of the most brilliant lecture of his career. He essentially obliterated the Columbus myth and explain how Africa disintegrated under centuries of onslaught from without. Trained as a linguist, historian, writer and anthropologist all wrapped into one , Dr Van Sertima was uniquely qualified as a world renowned scholar who studied Africa and the African diaspora. His scholarship place him among the pantheon of the world most brilliant minds in his field . His most famous work is the international bestseller (They came before Columbus), and the journals of African civilization. He is a literary critic, a linguist, an anthropologist and has made a name in all three fields.
As a literary critic, he is the author of Caribbean Writers, a collection of critical essays on the Caribbean novel. He is also the author of several major literary reviews published in Denmark, India, Britain and the United States. He was honored for his work in this field by being asked by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature from 1976-1980. He has also been honored as an historian of world repute by being asked to join UNESCO's International Commission for Rewriting the Scientific and Cultural History of Mankind. As a linguist, he has published essays on the dialect of the Sea Islands off the Georgia Coast. He is also the compiler of the Swahili Dictionary of Legal Terms, based on his field work in Tanzania, East Africa, in 1967. He also appeared before a Congressional Committee on July 7, 1987 to challenge the Columbus myth. This landmark presentation before Congress was illuminating and brilliantly presented in the name of all peoples of color across the world.
Inspired by the large student presence and the level of energy in the auditorium, Dr Van Sertima later met with the Black Student Union membership at the end of this historic and powerful lecture. He encouraged each of students to continue to study and learn of our ancestors contribution to world civilization, and to internalize the best of their attributes. . This video is dedicated to the LACC brothers and sisters of the (Black student Union circle 1984-86), and to the monumental contribution Dr Van Sertima made to the enlightenment of Humanity, and the legacy of this giant who made his transition on May 25th, (International African Liberation day) 2009.

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