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Melanin Human Ecology:There Is No Disease That Cannot Be Healed-Dr. Jewel Pookrum

20 Aug 2018

Jewel Pookrum, M.D. PhD, MFS aka Chief Sacred Feather Eagle (Dr. Jewel), brings a sense of vitality and boundless energy to her work. She is the Medical Director and founder of E² Medicine created to facilitate and disseminate alternative wholistic medicinal practices to the general public via Cyber Space through consultations and instructions. Her approach has helped patients to heal visible signs of cancer, erase aging lines and learn to live happy, balanced and pain free lives. According to Dr. Pookrum, “nothing in our world has the power to make us weak, sad or diseased if we adopt the proper attitude, diet and commitment to wellness. Each of us can live in infinite perfection”.

Dr. Pookrum’s approach incorporates her training as a physician and a gynecologist with a 20-year odyssey into wellness therapies and techniques. She has studied a myriad of ancient techniques and alternative therapies; “The capacity for health lies innately within the human body” she teaches. The body is a Barometer for assessing one’s ability to live in harmony with his or her environment.

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