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how they approach a white guy sleep in the car.mp4

04 Nov 2019

No guns drawn , no cop n both sides of the car. they are being polite as hell even though this guy is being belligerent,no questioning do you have anything to hurt me. when the guy pulls gun and fires first . had he not been drunk he would have killed one of the mfs. anyway they shoot up the car. no reloads and fire again. the guy gives them the finger. still no more shooting. they give the guy time to climb out of the window. still no more shooting, he gets out attempts to run no shots. But a black guy sleep at the wheel in a drive thru , and these mfs screaming their regular white ass bullshit and when he sits u unloads but says he's reaching for a gun. yet this mf didn't have a gun pulled on him until he shot at them. Now you can believe anything you want to . but until you / we say no more find them at their homes or get their fams it won't stop. But yet this white guy was still after all that treated like a human

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