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Homeless Man Tries To Kidnap 3-Year-Old Girl Walking With Her Granny

12 Oct 2021

Bronx, NY - Homeless Man Tries To Kidnap 3-Year-Old Girl While She Walks Alongside Her Grandmother

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 8 days ago

Nice track fam. It is just so dangerous for children in NY. That place is cursed beyond measure and the nucleus of wickedness. It has the highest population of serpent, jewISH devils in the country and its the financial capital of the world. Joe half dead Biden and Karl Harris, opened the flood gates, for these crazy, south American, Latino savages and since then the crime rate is through the roof in NY. So what dead man walking, Joe Biden and she man Karl Harris did, was increase the crime and murder rate in this hell hole, making it more deadly than it already was. The idiots!

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