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Ninja Squirrel Makes Lucky Escape from Deadly Hawk Attack

03 Apr 2021

Ninja Squirrel Makes Lucky Escape from Deadly Hawk Attack

Recently I noticed that some squirrels occasionally came to a spot under a short tree in my yard and played like a ninja. This morning, I noticed that one squirrel was playing very happily at the spot. So I grabbed my camera and just started recording it. Suddenly, a red-tailed hawk came out of nowhere and attacked the squirrel. Luckily the squirrel escaped after intense wrestling and fighting. The squirrel probably bit the hawk on its thigh so the hawk had to let go of the squirrel. The entire attack and wrestling occurred in less than half a minute, right when I started recording the playing ninja squirrel! What an incredible coincidence! This ninja squirrel was able to make a lucky escape probably due to that the squirrel looks like a strong one and it bit the hawk on its thigh, and that the space under this short tree is very narrow which made it difficult for the hawk to make a deadly first hit.

Check out our latest video on hawk hunting, catching and eating field mouse, with lots of close-up shots on hawk, as well as mouse and muskrats: https://youtu.be/hJFKFGB6CRg

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0:00 A squirrel burying some nuts under a tree in my yard, recorded a while back
0:15 A ninja squirrel playing by itself under the tree in my yard
0:26 A red-tailed hawk came out of nowhere and made a sudden deadly attack on the squirrel
0:35 The squirrel made a lucky escape from the deadly hawk attack after a short intense wrestling and fighting
0:46 Replay of the attack in slow motion
1:08 The squirrel bite the hawk on it's thigh
1:23 A few clips recorded a while back on two squirrels playing with each other at the same spot

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