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St Lucia Sends Some of Her Police To Bahamas To Assist with Security

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
30 Sep 2019

On Friday, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force deployed five officers to the Bahamas to assist with
recovery efforts there. The island was pummeled by Hurricane Dorian two weeks ago claiming
dozens of lives and causing billions of dollars in damage. Thousands of residents are still missing. The
lawmen are expected to assist with search and rescue missions as well as security.

The l extent of the destruction caused by hurricane Dorian is
still unknown, weeks after it landed in the islands of Abaco and
Grand Bahama, the worst-hit part of the Bahamas archipelago.
Reports coming out of the Bahamas say that at least 50 people
have died due to the category 5 storm, and authorities are still
trying to reach some areas that were cut off by flooding and
Thousands of people are still missing and, as in the aftermath
of any disaster there are security concerns.
In light of this, Saint Lucia will be assisting the ravaged island in
providing security.
On Friday Lieutenant commander Brian Roberts of the
Regional Security System (RSS) confirmed that the RSS will be
sending officers to the Bahamas to assist in search, rescue and
recovery operations.
The RSS official did not disclose when the men will be
deployed and how many will be going.
They will join the 120 Jamaican security personnel and 100
troops from Trinidad and Tobago who are currently assisting in
recovery efforts in the Bahamas.

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