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Why I Dont Deal With Black People At The Workplace

Baht Judah The Nerd

Video by Brother Kid Organic

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lazmor 2 years ago

i'm going to have to differ with you 1. every race looks out for their own 1st . I have seen asskissing asians , hispanics , and whites who sell each other down the river, especially if they want to curry favor with the boss. Now also you're saying you would rather eat alone at lunch. that's fine. But to say I don't want to deal with you at all makes you sound exactly like the people you detest.Now I don't know where you've been working but as i've said you have to live around others for a while to see that black people aren't the only ones who do this. But I will say one thing that you may have overlooked.. There is a time when it comes where black people should disassociate from each other , and this goes further than the workplace. When you are on a job and every other word out of a negroes mouth is an expletive, or its this nigga that and this nigga this , and he / she says it regardless of who is around, I will most definitely agree, those mfs you or any self respecting black person should stay as far away from as possible. But black people donot have a monopoly of fucking over their own . Go to asia if you really want to see somesuper asskissing and backstabbing , and you'll come back and say " I thought we were bad, but damn ". But keep speaking your mind . you make some interesting discussion

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BConscience 2 years ago

Preach. Preach.

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