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Black Employee Cancels Woman's Reservation Who Called Him Nig***

06 Jun 2019

'That's above me now': Craig Brooks filmed his confrontation with a customer who was incredibly rude and racist towards him. After booking a room for the night, the woman called him a ‘f*g n**r' without any apparent motive. Once she arrived to the check-in desk, Craig told her that she couldn’t stay at the hotel, due to the company’s zero-tolerance policy on racism towards its staff. Despite all her begging, the woman was denied her stay at the Holiday Inn Express and was suggested to try another hotel next door.


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EBERHISTORY 1 year ago

@ CriticalThinking thanks so much for sharing this video: These children of Satan/oppressor's...etc. and those of their children are of Satan and always think you should put a side the facts of what many of their kind have done or they themselves have done throughout history and are still currently doing to Israelite's as if all their sins collectively speaking is just some dust on a table that can merely be wiped away anytime that they find themselves in positions where for the time being they are not in authority!

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commonman80 1 year ago

One Word.. SECURITY!!! AAHH!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Those Demonic Beasts Always Want Our People To Forgive Them For Their Atrocities Against Us.. FUCK THAT!! GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FUCKING DEMONIC BITCH.. LOLOLOLOL!!!

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BConscience 1 year ago

HAHAHAHA LMMFAO FUCK HER! I hear Best Westerns got rooms.

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