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TITLE Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri Bag - TITLE Boxing - Best Freestanding Reflex Bag Workout

My Tribe T.V
My Tribe T.V
19 Mar 2020

Now you can develop pin-point precision, lighting fast punching speed and cat-quick reflexes with the Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar. This freestanding bag incorporates the spinning rapid-reflex boxing bar, paddle target and spring mounted striking ball for a multi-functional training bag that benefits and improves athletes of all sizes and skill levels, from youth to super heavyweight and beginner to world class. The spinning rapid-reflex bar is constructed of padded stainless steel with sealed encased precision bearings, for true, uninhibited revolutions. The paddle target is padded steel and the spring mounted striking ball is a dense molded foam that makes them ideal for all punches, strikes and combinations. With the Tri-Bag you can perfect your punching speed, precision, slipping, blocking, bob and weave, defense, jabs, power punches, combinations, and more, instantaneously. Simply fill the base with approximately 250 lbs. of water or sand, assemble and the bag is ready for action. Comes complete with rubber suction cups on the bottom of the base for additional stability

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