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Anti Vaccine Movement get disrespected by the World Health Organization

24 Jan 2019

This is a dirty hit piece by World Health Organization show that people are beginning to look at the vaccines that there children are receiving.

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SouConVo 10 months ago

We don't need scientific studies to back up our claims. If we're giving our kids these vaccinations and they're getting sick. I'm going to truth my maternal instincts before a government funded agency. Thanks so much for this video.

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Niyas713 10 months ago

Vaccines are dangerous period

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b_uko65 10 months ago

@Niyas713 All this companies do is to make people sick and dumb. People need to research all the children being killed by the Swine Flu and other Vaccinations. Look at the racist Bre Payton from OANN that recently died of Swine Flu and nobody talks about the creators of the Swine Flu pandemic.

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