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good ole pariots 3

11 Oct 2020

⁣ amazing how quickly this was. quietly relegated to the back of the news.they call these militias when they plot and plan to kill destroy and fight the govt.A govt that was designed by them , for them,and to protect them. they call black organizations terrorist when they talk of defending themselves against and oppressive system

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BConscience 7 months ago

THIS is a case of the snake eating it's on tail. Consider this: Plan would've gone off iffin they hadn't involved looking up police home address. U can ALWAYS go after ppl in high office. Just ask JFK. but 2 go after Ur enforcement arm... BIG NO NO.

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mickybricks 7 months ago

These are Domestic Pekkkawood Terrorists who are unhinged and dangerous
They should be shot.

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 7 months ago

These pink ppl ARE the problem, it's not us. Yes we have way ward ppl in ours but THESE MF's here? #PureAmeriKKKanProblemMaker It's no wonder why even the sun hates these ppl.

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