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pay attn black people

07 Oct 2020

when you see things like this. it means people are tired of the white devil amerika. And they don't have to be told twice that they aren't wanted. I hope africa wakes up to that fact. because they have told you you black folk aren't welcome and they won't let you come here. so I would suggest all african people, I won't say nations because you have too many sellout flunkies who love the white man that call themselves your leaders. I beseech upon the black peoples all over africa to get rid of the white european, and asians if they don't treat you well. I didn't say fair, because africa is the home of the black man, and everything in it belongs to the black man. So any one that comes there don't have to treat you fair but very well

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 9 months ago

Things ARE going to get messy.

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