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BREAKING: Trump R.e.aches HIGHEST Approval Rating in USAToday Poll!

Published on 23 Jun 2019 / In News & Politics

Fuck BOTH of These Clowns

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BConscience 5 months ago

I know it's a tough call. But I'd rather NOT go 2 war on Isreal's behalf.

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LeeMay 5 months ago

I don't know about that, depends on who is doing the polling. However, the trumptards are hanging tough with Trump though.

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Magenta 5 months ago

Trump is very popular. There are people that would never admit their support publicly, including black people, the biggest supporters of white supremacy. Trump'll walk it come 2020, they won't have to shoehorn him in. Let's see what special treats he has in store for blacks then.

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