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Milwaukee, WI- Corrections Sergeant Shot & Killed During Road Rage incident

ML Spade
ML Spade
07 Sep 2019

Milwaukee,WI - Female Corrections Sergeant Shot & Killed During Road Rage Incident

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SpeakWittSense 3 months ago

I Bet this unnamed shooter, was a pigskin spineless coward white male. I agree with her dad, that devilish shooter was just looking for someone to kill. I hate this trump era. I hope he dosen't get reelected.

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StaHye 3 months ago

We all know the fag shooter was a cowardly devil, otherwise those fuckers wouldn't be hiding that punk's identity. It should be an eye 4 an eye, the family should find him and blast his faggot ass back, or get at his family members.

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AkOwner 3 months ago

And as soon as that fag gets out, somebody needs pop a few hot ones, dead in his stinkin ass. her pops is right, he was just looking for someone to shoot. With his bitch ass.

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ML Spade
ML Spade 3 months ago

@Ak Owner Because of fools like him, and those mass w.i.e shooter, theirs going 2 be a domino effect, of store chains in all 50 states, that are gonna ban all open & conceal carry license holders, from bringing guns into their stores.

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OGNeedMo 3 months ago

Most likely a cauc-heathen, they love concealing those coward's identity.

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