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Workplace Racism-Lack Of Recognition

13 Nov 2018

I talk about this all too common problem among black employees working in a corporate setting with their contributions not being recognized or having their ideas being stolen or other employees taking credit for them.

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celebratedmonsters 2 years ago

its been happening since the Europeans "discovered" us. I constantly encourage black people to start their own or PARTNER up with a like minded driven brotha or sistah. The reality is, if u don't own or are not in a high leadership roll, u WILL be ignored or your ideas stolen.

When it comes to social issues we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians, and when it comes to business, we have too many Indians and not enough chiefs. It doesn't always cost a lot to start a business, I did. I had an errand service for elderly and disabled persons and I did ok, however I needed a partner because I had 2 other jobs (part time), but if I wasn't getting the negativity about businesses failing from people (black and white), I was getting turned down when I asked for partners.

People want to be rich over night, they also don't like to see black people with good ideas succeed. I heard all of that BEFORE I started my business and chose to proceed, anyway.

I researched in my area, saw how much everything I needed to run a business legitimately would be ($75 all together, for my business) and I kept it moving. I did all my own advertising and I got clients. I had money everyday (not hundreds of dollars) not a lot but I didn't starve and I had gas for my car and any extras I needed to pay business wise. Couldve done it full time, but certain information wasn't shown to me at that time and some personal issues arose that took me away from running my business, but I don't regret trying and I don't see it as a failure because u cant control everything that happens to u in this life.

I will say this, I was so good to the clients I did have, when I told one client I could no longer help her and I was stopping my business, I found out she died the next year, it really hurt me because I really cared about her and really believed what I was doing helped our seniors and disabled.

I wasn't doing it soley for profit and I learned that many had No body that was there for them like that, so they could remain independent, family being the main culprits, and my client that died, her family was no different, but they sure popped by when they heard she had a good person helping her. All of a sudden everybody wanted to be involved, but it wasn't enough and it was too late.

I say all of that to say this, We have to start doing for self and each other or we are going to continue to have our people dying (spiritually, mentally, and physically) before our time with no one caring. B1

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