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White Privilege: A Breakdown of one of Martin Luther King Jr's Last Speeches

18 Jan 2021

In this video, The Antiracism Academy discusses White privilege through the lens of one of MLK’s last speeches, where he discusses the advantages that the US government gave to White citizens and European immigrants. White privilege is a byproduct of racism in America.

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) was an African American leader of the civil rights movement. Before his assassination in Memphis, TN in 1968, King made many of the most famous speeches in African American History. This video features one of Dr. King's lesser-known speeches, which he gave just months before his death. Perhaps, two of his most famous ones are “I Have a Dream” and the mountain speech. MLK was a Black leader who fought for equal rights and social justice and fought against racism in America. Antiracist parents and antiracist teachers should show this video to their kids to teach them about Dr. King's fight for human rights for all poor people. This video includes a hidden gem in African American history and uncovers a more nuanced perspective of Dr. King's teachings. Watch this MLK last speech on White privilege.

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00:00 - MLK's Forgotten Speech
01:07 - Introduction
02:30 - Part I - Land
03:53 - Part II - Education
04:46 - ParI II - Credit
05:31 - Part IV - Conclusion



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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 1 month ago

The speech they killed him for.

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