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Black School Forces 4-Year-Old Son To Remove His Braids


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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 month ago

They are only black talking heads and paid employees. But the pink heathens owns that school, which means they call the shots. Don't y'all know the M.O. of these sly, slick and wicked serpent heathens by now? They are our historical enemies that dates back even way before slavery. The reality is, the real stronghold keeping us bound as a nation is really not the heathen, but it is black sell out Negroes who look just like us. Without them the weakling, recessive pinks devils, would have no more power over us. Until black people realize that the tares (sell outs, coons swirlers, etc), must be eliminated, before we can move forward to ultimate liberation, they will be forever going around in circles, until they too be swept away.

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lazmor 1 month ago

this was the school where oprah and michael jordan built the former principal a home. now they have a conforming nigga that told the this shit .

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