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Are Animals Becoming More Nurturing and Caring to their Children Than Humans?

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
10 Jan 2020

Today, December 19, 2019 is Kintaro's first birthday.
Kintaro was held by Genki for a long time since she was born, and everyone was worried because her body grew slowly. But Kintaro now grows up so well .
I would be happy if I could keep watching Kintaro's growth with you.

Momotaro ♂(2000/7/3)

Momotaro was born at Ueno zoo in Tokyo on jul.3,2000 and came to our zoo on Oct.18,2010. He is beautiful and handsome ,the silverback of our troop.
He is a little timid ,and scared of new things.
He sometimes shows lovely behaviors that melt our hearts.
He is making efforts to be a good dad for his two sons.

Genki ♀(1986/6/24)
Genki was born at our zoo on Jun,24,1986.
After mating with several males without a pregnancy she found her perfect partner Momotaro. Now she is a loving and caring mom for her two sons.
She sometimes behaves boldly, yet she can also be sensitive. Genki has a cute face with shining eyes.

Gentaro ♂(2011/12/21

Gentaro was born at our zoo on Dec.21,2011,as Momotaro and Genki's first son.
Unfortunately Genki didn't have enough milk,so he was nursed by keepers for his first 10.5 months. Now he loves his mom,and his face really looks like her.
He also loves people . Everyone immediately agrees that he is a very adorable boy.

Kintaro ♂(2018/12/19)

Kintaro was born at our zoo on Dec.19,2018. His big brother sometimes touches him a bit too roughly, but he is well protected by Genki his mother. The father Momotaro is also interested in him, but Genki hasn"t let Momotaro touch him yet.

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