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how much more do you need to see

13 Jan 2021

⁣ how much more do you need to see or know. that blue for you blacks is nothing more than a lie. when we defend ourselves even in blue , we don't get paid leave, we don't get benefit of the doubt, we don't get self defense, we don't get the video proves us right for our actions verdict we get the we should have taken the high road bullshit. look at how many times black officers have been fired imprisoned, suspended for doing the same shit their white animal counterparts do. and in most instances black cops are a lot more tolerant b4 they go off on your ass, yet they don't get the luxury or benefit of the doubt. now even though the young black woman was only security , but on duty, she's treated as a criminal even though she's there for auxiliary backup for the capitol police . they said after reviewing the tape they arrested her and the woman that hit her with her back turned, but what about the woman that got her ass lit up that started this ? nothing. i guess that white woman was hurt enough because of getting her ass decked by the black woman so lets us whites feel sorry and not take her to jail also and cost her any further discomfort. But fuck the black woman whose job is on the line and doing her job, lets fuck her life up. you black people have to realise in amerika , a gun badge or uniform on you is only for disciplining your own , and does not and will not be respected by whites. and if you do try to use it against us whites , we other whites with badges will lock you up. same thing for you soldiers (black ) overseas, you can kill anything you want. asian , black , or dark hispanic, but the moment you kill a white enemy or not you will be killed or court martialed, depending on if we can catch you alone or not. now for all you black people in africa pay attn. the white bastards in your country especially from amerika use this same tactic . they will kill one or more of you black people, and there aint a damned thing you can do because probably your govt sits back and says nothing or tells them to give you a few amerikan blood dollars for your loss, and things keep going the same. now if you blacks kill or touch the hair on the head of any of those white animals in your country for the shit they do wrong , they the white , will unt you like an animal, and in too many instances your govt will let this happen. now i hope thats not the case. if it is spare yourself the shame and don't talk about it unless you are ready to change things for the better by any means necessary . but the point i'm really trying to make , is the amerikan white man in africa , looks at the black african man as nothing more than an extension of the what he calls us , niggas in amerika that need exterminating or put in place

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cforge 12 days ago

She should sue and get enough to never have to work in this beast system again.

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mickybricks 13 days ago

That Sistah,s one oiece was a ting of beauty and BUST Karen,s shit open. The Sistah,s was lucky they never got to try and fuck her up or try and lynch her.

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