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Living Cube - Homevideo #1

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

I've compiled a few clips to give you an impression of my "Living Cube". Music by - they make really cute music for kids, check it out!

The idea was born out of a personal need to counteract the confinements of a conventional home with one simple and multifunctional design that will cover several different needs. I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation. The idea of the Living Cube can be adjusted to anybody's personal needs. I wanted it to be versatile. Each Cube is a unique piece and build to highest quality standards. Holzlabor Bern and illDesigns offer a full service with manufacturing in Switzerland and then shipping and assembling at the final destination.

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