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God, Forgiveness and The Black Community.mp4

24 Mar 2019


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1 year ago

There will be NO forgiveness to the (Ex) Uncle that lied on me inorder to collect a Bogus Slave (Snitch) reward OR sending his ONLY son to the fed joint to collect $5800. We will NEVER the the same. Prison makes you hate this country and coons that sent you there.
If I am not suppose to have anything (i.e. Career, Kids or Deep set roots) WTF am I here? I keep asking myself the same thing every fucking day. My cousin? (Uncle's Son) Has cashed out at trying to do the right thing, He is a meth addict (Since when do Black use meth), 14 Felonies in and now back in Prison for cooking meth (Never get high on your cooked supply).
What I keep thinking is was my and the cousin's downfall pre planned?
Because we ARE the only 2 darkies in a sea of high yella?

Fuck! Before cuzzo was shipped off he begged for a deadly dose of my insulin pens....Thinking back....Now Thats a different idea

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