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LA Dope Game Spider Loc

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

During the late 80's Los Angeles replaced Miami as the #1 cocaine hub entering the United States. Los Angeles street organizations like the Crips were instrumental in spreading crack to smaller cities across the country, bringing banging along with it. Spider Loc grew up in South LA and Compton and had a front row seat for this phenomenon. As an epilogue he explains his views on the state of the Central Revolution in Progress Ideal and compares Crips to Christians in an unexpected, yet powerful way.

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LeeMay 9 months ago

Yes, that was a powerful explanation. I never looked at spreading crack in the Black communities from a gang member's perspective. But, I am glad it stopped and Black people were able to bring themselves out of it. Something else that bothers me is the WS terminolgy is used whenever illegal activity is involved. The Black men are gangs and the mexicans cartels. Black women are prostitutes and white women are call girls. Even in illegal activity they elevate themselves, when we know it is one and the same.

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