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Minecraft Cave Challenge (Anti-Nether?) ep. 5.0 | ANIMALS!

Sol Kalahi
Sol Kalahi
14 Jul 2020

I found Animals. Two factors guarantee animal spawning, dirt/grass and light. They spawned when I brought the light (torches) to the grass but I decided to bring the grass to the light. Hopefully more will spawn (on the surface) eventually.

Sorry it got INTERRUPTED. lol my sister came home, it's all gewd. That's why this is part 1, there will be a part 2 of episode 5 coming soon.

If you didn't see episodes 1-4 here they are.
Ep. 1: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../3lV5fbCmNyCA9lH/lis
Ep. 2: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../qMZubBMYnE8CmJX/lis
Ep. 3: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../14otNG6D3UZ13UH/lis
Ep. 4: https://blackjunction.tv/watch..../uipeKIZT9UFDLoS/lis

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