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The Gillette ad - Toxic Masculinity? - Rizza Islam

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
24 Feb 2019

The #gillettead - Toxic MASCULINITY? Who came up with this term????? Uh oh????Share this ????????????

So we're talking about masculinity & PEDOPHILES huh?????

Why was this term INVENTED by two Caucasian MALES? Sheppard Bliss & Robert J. Stoller?! One of them COINCIDENTALLY being a homosexual.. and you're telling me that they are NOT pushing a homosexual agenda? They are NOT attacking natural manhood?????-

Let's educate the people on what's really going on.

Did EVERYONE SEE THE #GILLETTEAD ? ???? They attempted to come at masculinity from a negative perspective and NOW the American psychological association is attempting to say that: "Masculinity may be causing mental disorders!" REALLY?????

Alright, question - WHAT DO PEDOPHILES HAVE TO DO WITH THE #LGBT? Now, this is a QUESTION. DID YOU KNOW THIS?? Pederasty AKA pedophilia and NOW AKA "PEDOSEXUALITY" originated with the CAUCASIAN GREEKS as did homosexuality. Caucasian MALES! Yes, MANY will become angry at this video but look at the FACTS and know that PEDOPHILES / CAUCASIAN MALES are the ORIGIN OF THIS and who NOW and have ALWAYS BEEN USING the GAY RIGHTS/ LGBT MOVEMENT to push THEIR AGENDA and THIS GOVERNMENT IS SUPPORTING IT!

We as NATURAL MEN will NEVER AGREE with such behavior - PERIOD! This government is attempting to DESTROY manhood so that when they choose to they can come into the inner cities and invade easily without a male defense present AS WELL AS their attempting to PUSH homosexuality among Black men to lessen our population growth! Manhood ITSELF is under attack!

If you are homosexual I will not attack you. Respect what I believe and I will not force my beliefs onto you. HOWEVER, if you are a PEDOPHILE...????....????... There is no place for such disgusting behavior on this planet!

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