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Black Man Beat The Hell Out Of A Black Ch!ld Molestor - He Touched A 13 Year Old!!!!

22 May 2020

Zero Tolerance

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BConscience 8 days ago

Now iffin he can put n some work on those 3 PIGS or the Father son team...

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Nevvon Dennis
Nevvon Dennis 8 days ago

WHOO! Georgio Casper gettin’ they work.
0:23 had me dying, lol!

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ShilohSenshi 8 days ago

That man is lucky he only took a beating. Touch a child and its a death sentence to me.

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 8 days ago

That's right, beat that pedo demon spirit out of his disgusting aZZ, that he picked up from these degenerate, sexual deviant Europeans!! Under TMH's law he would be put to death, which is exactly what's going to happen to him if he doesn't repent and cast that damning, demonic spirit out!

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