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Where to Find Old Books about Black Jews?

17 Apr 2019

There was a conspiracy against the Black Jews that were scattered to the four corners of the earth via the Trans Atlantic Slave trade. The people who are also known as the Heeboes, Negroes, Igbo Jews, Mali Jews, African Americans, Jamaicans, Hatians, Blacks, etc.. had their heritage stripped from them.

However, the Most High left books for them to reclaim their heritage. This video will show where to find old books about Black Jews. And, you will be surprised at what how many libraries have these books in their possession.

The references were taken from Benayah Israel Hebrew Color Countdown video series.

You can watch his video by going to my Playlist and clicking on Black Jews References. The link is here:

Also, you can search for old books at

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Photo #1 - Woman reading iam Se7en
Photo #2 - Woman and baby Annie Spratt
Photo #3 - Three Men William Stitt
Photo #4 - Two boys Nathaniel Tetteh
Photo #5 - Buildings Joshua Fuller

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