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Mystery Rhymz GAGUT

07 Mar 2019

God's Revelation to Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo the geometric solutions/infallible proof of Eta sub "n" =(g sub nj)(X sub j) ^ (n +1) to Gij,j=0 and hence all fundamental infallible solutions and all fundamental infallible proofs to all problems and all theorems respectively, including the Clay Math Institute, "seven toughest problems" whose solutions were revealed by GOD through GAGUT during 1990, 10 years before Clay Math was established to announce those problems.

This Award is in recognition of strenuous efforts through God's revelations to Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo. During 1990 of the Grand Unified Field Theorem or Grand Unified Theorem Everything (the Ultimate Theory Of Everything) GAGUT (Gij,j=0) which infallibly proves that all theorems (Infallible Truths like all created things or all things that exist or all infallible solutions to all problems) and all equations representing all of those theorem past, present, and future originate out of ONE INVARIANT Gi WHICH INFALLIBLY DEFINES AND PROVES EXISTENCE AND THE NATURE OF GOD, THE CREATOR, WITH ORTHOGONAL COMPONENTS Gij AND THE DIVERGENCE/CHANGE OF Gij,j=0, which is the Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics, as well as All knowledge of Infallible Truths.

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