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15 Differences Between NEW MONEY & OLD MONEY

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
18 Nov 2020

NEW MONEY vs OLD MONEY | 15 Differences You Should Know
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What is like to be old money?
What is like growing up with money?
How did old money keep their wealth?
What are the differences between new money and old money?
How to tell if someone is old money?
Which is richer: old money or new money?
Why do old money rich people look down on new money rich people?
What do the owners of old money know that new money does not?
What does old money think of new money?
What are the main differences in lifestyle between new money and old money families?
What does it feel like to be an aristocrat, or from an old money family?
What's it like to grow up in an old money family?
What do people mean when they say new money or old money?
00:00 - Intro
01:31 - New Money invests short term, Old Money invests long term
02:06 - New Money spends by trends, Old Money spends by tradition
02:51 - New Money loves talking about money, old money rarely mentions it
04:06 - New Money sits courtside, Old Money plays golf at the country club
04:46 - New Money is always in a hurry, Old Money takes it slow
05:37 - New Money loves Publicity, Old Money Hates it
07:24 - New money is less snotty but also less polished
07:59 - New money entertains by dining out, Old Money entertains at home.
08:57 - New Money is open to new people, Old Money is closed off
09:45 - New Money thinks they can always make more, Old Money is trying to make it last
11:38 - New Money buys Experiences, Old Money buys Things
12:51 - Old Money knows all the rules, New Money doesn’t care about the rules
13:29 - New Money has specialized knowledge, Old Money has general knowledge
14:02 - There are many different types of Now Money, But more or less only one category of Old Money
15:12 - New Money embraces Change, Old Money hates change
16:30 - Question

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