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IS Kamala Harris "BLACK" "AFRICAN AMERICAN"?/ IS Grand Master Jay Agent

16 Aug 2020

Dinesh D’Souza said Harris could not claim to be a descendant of slaves, and thus an African-American, because one of her ancestors may have been a slaveholder. lets talk about it

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Krakkkakiller 2 months ago

Is TAR baby a Fxxxxxx Comedian? Where do the CraKKKas find these NO GOOD Fxxxxxx SAMBOS? That Fxxx like all the rest LOSERS hasn’t done Anything for BLACK people but Sit on his ARSE in that STINKING PIT talking SHIT! If GM Jay is an Agent why doesn’t he Embarrass him and Form his OWN MILITIA and show him what a NON Agent LED Militia Looks Like? He CraKKKa BOOTLICKING Cxxx can criticise a BLACK MAN who is Doing Something that he can NEVER Do.. but ain’t got no FIGHT for CraKKKas! Who are KICKING his ARSE Everyday! NIGGER you ain’t gone’ do SHIT so ‘Put up or Shut Up’! or just Fxxx Off You BUSSY Bwoy!

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